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Designer. Born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in São Paulo. I’m curious by nature and this curiosity thrives me to always learn more, about all kinds of subjects. It can be a deeper research on the latest film or TV show I watched, on design and its many facets, health and well-being to politics and general knowledge. 


I can also say I´m a creative person. I´m passionate about creating: spaces, settings, furniture, events and objects. I have a BA in Architecture and Urbanism and a MA in Production Design for Film and TV, as well as a Specialization in Furniture Design and a great interest for art craft. 


During my career, I have worked in several areas, such as Architecture and Interior Design, in addition to ten years working with Set Design and Events Production. I learned all the aspects of making an event, as well as creating the most diverse scenarios and settings, which allowed me to expand my knowledge and gain a lot of experience.

Watching films and TV shows was one of my favorite hobbies. I could spend hours in front of the TV, attached to the screen, fascinated by the sets, props and costumes and their ability to transport you to a different time and place. 


My goal is to be behind cameras, part of a team that designs all these amazing visual concepts. I want to be able to create this fantasy and give viewers the opportunity to dream and escape their lives, working within the Art Department, as a Set Decorator and maybe one day get to be an Art Director or even a Production Designer. 


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